FoodBacon cooked to perfection: A guide to keeping it tender and juicy

Bacon cooked to perfection: A guide to keeping it tender and juicy

How to prepare juicy roasted bacon?
How to prepare juicy roasted bacon?
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8:38 AM EST, December 21, 2023

Bacon, while tantalizing, does not have the best reputation in medical terms. Health professionals tend to caution against regular consumption, noting both the pitfalls and occasional benefits. We too wouldn't suggest eating bacon daily (for an experiment on this, refer to this link), but recommend enjoying this meat only occasionally. When you do indulge, go the extra mile to ensure your bacon is the best tasting it can be.

The art of marinating and curing bacon

Due to its fat content, bacon can quickly dry out in the oven, meaning it's essential to remember certain steps to prevent this issue. Follow these guidelines to keep your bacon perfectly tender and rich in flavor.

The first key step is marinating and curing. While it's common knowledge that this step flavors the meat, it also renders it tender and easily crumbled after the oven. Bacon pairs exceedingly well with marjoram, garlic, caraway, pepper, paprika, and honey, and benefits from a few bay leaves, allspice, or cloves laid on top.

The bacon roll technique

The second critical step involves preparing the meat correctly before oven-baking. A prevalent method is to form a roll with the bacon and secure it using a string. You might also consider filling this roll with additional ingredients — mustard, garlic, or capers make effective choices. Remember to roll the bacon so that the fattier side faces outward.

The baking process

If you're baking the bacon with skin, be sure to score it prior to oven placement (before you rub in the seasonings for maximum flavor). Do not exceed 347 degrees Fahrenheit when setting your oven's temperature; otherwise, the fat may melt too quickly. Aim to bake for approximately one hour and 15 minutes per 2.4 - 2.6 pounds of bacon. If you're baking in an uncovered roasting pan, baste the meat with water or melted fat during the cooking process.

With these guidelines, you're on your way to savor a satisfying serving of the world's tastiest and juiciest bacon!

Bacon can be rolled up into a roulade.
Bacon can be rolled up into a roulade.© Canva | Oleksandr Prokopenko
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