Tips&TricksBack on Trend: Hair Rollers Resurfacing as a Solution for Everyday Stunning Hairstyle

Back on Trend: Hair Rollers Resurfacing as a Solution for Everyday Stunning Hairstyle

Hair rollers are disappearing from shelves not by accident.
Hair rollers are disappearing from shelves not by accident.
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9:55 AM EST, February 5, 2024

For many women, hair styling poses a considerable challenge, especially when they need to style their locks daily. Often, our tresses refuse to cooperate, particularly in winter when they lack volume and bounce. Though frustration might incite the desire for a drastic hairstyle overhaul, it might not be the best approach. Hair rollers can provide the help we need, enabling easy home blowouts.

Using hair rollers for styling

Revamping your locks doesn't necessarily mean a trip to the hairdresser, a dramatically different haircut, or a new colour. In this case, uncomplicated and affordable solutions are the best approach - it just takes a few dollars to buy hair rollers! They allow you to swiftly style a hairstyle that not only makes you look younger, but also gives your hair a lighter appearance. Blowouts became popular in the 1970s and are still used by international stars today.

Gently turned out hair ends look exceptionally captivating and don't require time-consuming styling. You need thick hair rollers, a dryer, and just 15 minutes for a blow-dry! This hairstyle suits any occasion, beauty type, and hair length. If you plan to follow this charming trend, you'll need to apply rollers to your hair daily. Avoid curling the ends with a straightener that only damages them, thereby ruining the overall effect.

Home blowout with the help of rollers

Begin styling your hair by washing it and protecting it with hair oil or styling mousse. This step is crucial, particularly if your strands are resistant to styling. By doing so, you can easily turn them outward while shielding them for extended periods. Apply the rollers from the outside upwards of the strands, rather than vice versa, to avoid rolling them inward. The outcome depends on the thickness of the rollers. Better results will be achieved on thicker ones. Jennifer Lopez, a frequent presenter of this hairstyle, often showcases a brilliantly executed blowout:

You can also execute a blowout on several days-old hair, thanks to the dryer, which refreshes and shapes them in just 15 minutes. Blast the secured rollers with a warm stream of air. This method yields better results than a curling iron or straightener. Then carefully remove the rollers from your head and set the hairstyle with hairspray.

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