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Axl Rose accused of sexual assault

Axl Rose has appeared in court several times. However, he has never been accused of rape before.
Axl Rose has appeared in court several times. However, he has never been accused of rape before.
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Kamil Kozłowski
3:22 PM EST, November 23, 2023

Axl Rose, the notorious rocker, is facing severe allegations of a brutal sexual assault committed supposedly on a woman he recently met in a hotel room. A fresh lawsuit against the legendary Guns N' Roses frontman has been initiated.

The world of showbiz is increasingly witnessing the fall of renowned personalities as long-guarded secrets surface, disrupting the trajectory of many successful careers. Take the instance of Johnny Depp, who took his ex-wife Amber Heard to court over allegations of physical abuse and won a defamation suit. Similarly, Kevin Spacey's career saw a downfall when he was accused of sexually harassing young men, although he was cleared of all charges. His reputation, however, has been irrevocably damaged.

The time has come for Axl Rose to brace himself for court proceedings. The Guns N' Roses frontman is charged with a sex crime. It's worth noting that this isn’t Rose’s first encounter with accusations of sexual misconduct and physical abuse.

The Court Summons May Spell the End of Axl Rose's Career

Throughout a career that spans nearly four decades, 61-year-old musician Axl Rose has been well-known for his eccentricity and boisterous, often inebriated parties. At one such gathering, he invited American model, Sheila Kennedy, frequently appearing in the adult magazine "Penthouse", to join him at his hotel. Also present was another woman Rose had recently met, along with his friend, actor, and TV presenter Riki Rachtman.

As stated in the lawsuit filed by Sheila, Rose forced the other woman into sexual submission. Kennedy and Rachtman left the room, feeling uncomfortable with the situation. A commotion involving the sound of shattered glass and obscene words being hurled was heard from the room, prompting the shocked rocker to pursue the fleeing model.

The famed model was purportedly forced into Rose's apartment, where she claims that the musician bound her hands and threw her onto the bed.

"He dragged Kennedy to his bedroom exhibiting primitive and uncontrollable anger. Rose physically restrained her from leaving. She was effectively imprisoned," is one of the most distressing details revealed in the lawsuit.

According to Kennedy's attorneys, the traumatic incident has led to her suffering from severe depression and anxiety disorders, likened to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The events, dating back to 1989, have allegedly prevented Kennedy from reviving her career or forming stable romantic relationships. Kennedy is now seeking compensation, the amount of which is yet to be determined by the court.

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