LifestyleAvoid these common mistakes to keep your dog happy

Avoid these common mistakes to keep your dog happy

How not to behave around a dog?
How not to behave around a dog?
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12:07 PM EST, November 29, 2023

If you believe that dogs are indifferent to various human behaviors, you're strongly mistaken. While they actively enjoy some behaviors, others are merely tolerated. Here, we're giving insight on how to treat your pet under no circumstances. Let's get familiar with the key rules.

Research from experts proves that dogs express a range of emotions similar to a two-year-old child. They can experience joy, excitement, anxiety, or even fear.

What behaviors irritate dogs?

Each of these emotions can be evoked by external factors. That's why your behavior towards a dog is crucial; it significantly influences their wellbeing. In this context, let's explore the behaviors that may annoy your pet.

Avoid dressing a dog in clothes unless they were accustomed to it from puppyhood. Otherwise, they may feel genuinely uncomfortable. Yorkies, Maltese and Shih Tzus may need a sweater or jacket in winter, but dressing a big dog with a thick coat is a bad idea.

Another important issue is avoiding teasing your pet, such as pulling its tail or showing and hiding treats. Your dog may fail to see the humor in these actions, potentially leading to misunderstandings or partial loss of trust.

Establish routines and don't over-cuddle

Always remember, the absence of a daily routine can be disruptive to a dog. Every dog needs rules and consistency in their life to prevent stress and ensure safety. Hence, maintaining regular meal times, walks, play, and training schedules are highly significant.

Last but not least: avoid forceful hugging. While it might seem surprising, you should be aware that not all dogs appreciate being hugged. They express affection quite differently from people. If your pet tries to get out of your arms and run away in such a situation, let them do so.

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