LifestyleAvoid adding these chicken parts to your soup due to parasite accumulation

Avoid adding these chicken parts to your soup due to parasite accumulation

Cooking broth
Cooking broth
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3:14 PM EST, December 2, 2023

We often rely on chicken when we prepare broths. But, are all parts of the chicken suitable for this purpose? Which parts should we avoid and why?

Given the frequency of how often a soup appears in our daily menu, it's easy to assume we know everything there is about it. However, as you'll soon realize, this isn't always the case. Life never ceases to throw surprises, especially in the realm of culinary arts. 

Stay with me till the end and double-check if you aren't making a common error while concocting your flavorful and nourishing soup. Perhaps someone in your family is doing it unknowingly?

So, what's the issue?

We often link broths to delectable and nutritious soups. There's nothing incorrect with that, as a warm soup can undoubtedly aid with symptoms of common cold and digestive issues. However, the secret lies in its accurate preparation, considering to avoid any cooking mishaps. Today, we will address a common mistake that's best rectified immediately. 

In this context, I'm referring to the base of the soup, specifically the meat you use to brew your beloved soup. Most folks opt for chicken, and there's nothing wrong with that. Yet, there's a catch. All parts of the chicken aren't ideal for making soup. 

Why is this the case? Well, it seems that certain parts of the chicken are often laden with parasites, making them unsuitable for consumption. Especially when the chicken boasts plenty of other tasty and safe alternatives such as drumsticks, wings, or breasts. 

Which chicken parts should you steer clear of?

Now that you grasp why certain chicken parts are best avoided, it's time to point out these problematic segments. Thankfully, you only need to sidestep three parts of the chicken; hence the list isn't too daunting. 

Which parts of the chicken are best for making broth?
Which parts of the chicken are best for making broth?© Adobe Stock | Katarzyna

The areas with the highest concentration of parasites in a chicken are the tail, head, and lungs. These parasites can withstand high temperatures, achieving little even with cooking. Thus, it's advisable to avoid them altogether when preparing meals in the kitchen.

Before concluding, I'd love to hear your thoughts on today's revelations. Was this information familiar to you or does it come as new information?  

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