TechAvail a free game on Epic Games Store: Space adventure at your fingertips

Avail a free game on Epic Games Store: Space adventure at your fingertips

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store
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9:41 AM EST, November 24, 2023, updated: 1:47 AM EST, November 27, 2023

Epic Games is set to make a new free game available today. The newly updated offer might just be what sci-fi enthusiasts have been anxiously awaiting. The journey to the Red Planet is riddled with peril, but humanity's fate hangs in the balance.

With the introduction of this new offer, the platform will only allow the collection of a single game, Deliver Us Mars. The game distribution rules remain unaltered. To claim the Deliver Us Mars game for free, all that is required is an active account on Epic Games Store. The rest is a simple process of searching for the title. The offer commences today, November 23, from 11:00 AM Eastern Time and lasts for a whole week.

Deliver Us Mars is the successful sequel to the 2019 production, Deliver Us The Moon. In the latest release, the game's creators, Keoken Interactive Studio, have steered clear of revolutionary changes, aligning with the saying, "Don't fix what isn't broken."

Get Deliver Us Mars for free on Epic Games Store

Deliver Us Mars is a third-person adventure action game that places significant emphasis on plot development. During gameplay, players get the chance to journey to the iconic Red Planet to retrieve stolen spaceships.

Players must contend with a mysterious organization that is hell-bent on scuppering their plans. Completing the mission is no small feat, as high-octane action sequences are interwoven with puzzles. These challenges are brought to life through impressive graphics created in Unreal Engine.

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