AutosAutonomous taxis will enter Tokyo. GM has found a big partner

Autonomous taxis will enter Tokyo. GM has found a big partner

Autonomous taxi Cruise
Autonomous taxi Cruise
Images source: © Press materials | Cruise

7:20 PM EDT, October 23, 2023

In just a few years, autonomous taxis will appear on the streets of Tokyo. This is thanks to General Motors, who partnered with Honda for this purpose.

Autonomous taxis are gathering more and more interest. Their beginnings were not the easiest - after their introduction in San Francisco, there were some dangerous events. However, the development hasn't slowed down, as seen clearly by the moves of General Motors - the corporation that operates the autonomous taxis Cruise in the aforementioned San Francisco.

It turns out that GM technology will soon go beyond the United States and reach the Far East. Cruise Company has signed a contract with Japan's Honda, which is supposed to lead to the introduction of robotaxis on the streets of Tokyo.

As reported by the Automotive News portal, testing of Cruise's autonomous Origin model began in Japan at the beginning of 2023, so the official announcement of collaboration between Honda and GM was merely a formality. Especially since Honda has been a shareholder in Cruise since 2018, and as the first Japanese brand, they implemented a level 3 autonomous driving system.

The development of autonomous vehicles in Japan is lagging behind the US and China. The introduction of robotaxis in Tokyo may significantly change this situation. Especially since the project is being driven by Honda, a company heavily invested in autonomous vehicles.

Taxi tests on the streets of Tokyo will begin in 2024, while they are expected to become available to customers in 2026. As Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe admits, the targeted fleet of robotaxis is 500 units. If the vehicles prove successful in Tokyo, the service will be expanded to other Japanese cities.

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