FoodAustrian doctor's carrot soup. The historic remedy for dangerous diarrhea in kids

Austrian doctor's carrot soup. The historic remedy for dangerous diarrhea in kids

Moro soup
Moro soup
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1:39 PM EST, December 27, 2023

Ernst Moro is primarily recognized for being the first to describe one of the most common reflexes in newborns. This reflex occurs when the baby experiences a sudden change in body position or is exposed to abrupt noise. The baby vigorously extends and bends its arms and legs while arching its back. Shortly after, it clenches its hands and slowly draws them towards its chest. However, fewer people know that this doctor also had numerous other significant achievements. For example, he developed a recipe for a soup that saved many children's lives. He also created a milk mixture of about three tablespoons of flour, five tablespoons of butter, and five to seven tablespoons of sugar.

Moro soup, the topic of this article, was created under quite dramatic circumstances. In 1908, children suffering from severe diarrhea were admitted to the clinic where Moro worked as a director. They were in such dire states that immediate treatments and medications failed to yield results. The children were succumbing to their condition right before the eyes of the staff. In the face of this disheartening situation, Moro decided to take action and devised a recipe to restore the children's health. This soup also minimized the complications arising post-diarrhea.

Moro soup recipe: Only a handful of ingredients are needed


  • About 1.1 pounds of peeled carrots,
  • 1 quart of water,
  • Approximately 0.1 ounces of salt.

Begin by boiling the carrots in water for 90 minutes. Strain them, but be sure to save the water. Blend the carrots into a purée. Pour the saved boiling water over the blended carrot purée and add salt to taste.

Moro soup primarily alleviates deficiencies of potassium and sodium in the body. These elements are often lost during bouts of diarrhea, leading to electrolyte imbalances. This soup aids the intestines in absorbing water and sodium. Thanks to the pectin present in carrots, the inflammation in the lining of the small intestine is reduced, thereby preventing harmful bacteria from inhabiting them. Furthermore, Moro soup also contains probiotic ingredients, which are crucial during diarrhea.

Moro soup
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