EntertainmentAustralian woman redefines marriage: Shares husband with multiple women

Australian woman redefines marriage: Shares husband with multiple women

The Australian "shares" her husband with other women.
The Australian "shares" her husband with other women.
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10:44 AM EST, December 17, 2023

This is noteworthy because each relationship is unique and adheres to its own set of principles. Considering the prominence of social media in today's society, many people candidly reveal the ins and outs of their relationships to thousands of their followers. Honey Brooks did something similar recently, announcing via her online platform that her marriage is flourishing, all thanks to the inclusion of third parties into her relationship.

Australian woman "shares" her husband with other women and reveals the details

Honey Brooks occupies most of her days creating adult content. She also maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she recently uploaded a video discussing the transformative changes she introduced into her marriage. It seems that Brooks decided to welcome other women into her relationship.

"This year I shared my husband with 16 people" - announced Brooks on December 7.

In the second segment of the video, Brooks concedes that had someone suggested a year ago that she would be "sharing" her husband with multiple women, she absolutely would not have believed it. However, currently, she is entirely invested in this arrangement. Brooks mentioned that she derives the most satisfaction from the entire process, adding that she and her husband video-record most of their intimate encounters and repeatedly re-watch them.

Interestingly, Brooks stated, "I find myself more intrigued than my husband with all of this. While my husband tends to react nonchalantly, I consistently contemplate the women we engage with. Frankly, I believe I appreciate the presence of the women more than my husband."

Honey has shared her husband with over 20 women: her reaction to skeptics

Shortly after Honey posted her revelation about her relationship on the web, another video was uploaded on her profile. It turns out that within just a few days, the number of women with whom they've had intimate relations grew slightly. Brooks also had words for critics, affirming that both she and her partner had always entertained the idea of inviting others into their relationship. She says both are delighted with the arrangement, which has purportedly revamped their shared life.

"Already this year, we have invited over 20 different women into our relationship, all of whom have significantly changed our marriage. Plenty of social media commentators argue that this arrangement will inevitably doom our marriage. If someone told me a year ago that I would be sharing my husband with other women, I wouldn't have believed it and probably would've thought the same. However, we decided to give it a go, and surprisingly enough, we truly enjoy it." - she confessed.

Only a few days ago, Honey re-addressed those casting doubts on her relationship via Instagram. She highlighted that she and her husband are currently having the time of their lives, confirming that their relationship is formidable enough to sustain such experiences. She dropped a hint that another woman is soon to be included in their relationship.

The Australian woman "shares" her husband with other women.
The Australian woman "shares" her husband with other women.© Instagram

Some individuals claim that her husband will eventually leave her for another, foreseeing a future in which she is left old, alone, and desolate. Responding, she said, "Let me clarify this: my husband is living his dream. Future outcomes are unpredictable; we might get divorced for some unseen reason as we age, but right now, we are basking in the exhilaration of our times, at least we've relished good times" - she affirmed.

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