EntertainmentAustralian teen expelled from elite Melbourne Grammar School after milk-throwing prank goes viral

Australian teen expelled from elite Melbourne Grammar School after milk-throwing prank goes viral

The teenager was expelled from school for spilling milk.
The teenager was expelled from school for spilling milk.
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5:44 AM EST, February 24, 2024

What was supposed to be a tranquil birthday celebration quickly turned sour. Veronica Burgess and her friends embarked on a cruise along the Yarra River courtesy of GoBoat, a birthday treat for one of the passengers. The unpleasant surprise occurred when an adventurous teenager latched onto their festivities from a bridge in Sydney.

A distasteful surprise out of nowhere

In videos shared by both Veronica and the teen, he is seen dousing their boat with a bottle of milk. This wouldn't have posed much of an issue if the boat was roofed. Prior to this, he had asked the ladies onboard if they would like some milk. Despite their audible refusal, he proceeded to empty an entire bottle over them.

Veronica's video posted on Tik Tok has since garnered over 33 million views. In her caption, she expressed her desire to identify the teenager who ruined their day. After GoBoat graciously sponsored a trip the next day, her hopes were realized when internet users turned into TikTok detectives.

Teenage milkman discovered

The investigation was short-lived as the teenager had also published his version of the incident on TikTok. His video clearly shows that the milk splashing episode wasn't a mere accident but a deliberate act done in jest. The cyberspace investigators discovered that he is a 16-year-old student attending the prestigious private Melbourne Grammar School.

Elite school authorities take action

As an elite institution, Melbourne Grammar School takes pride in its reputation. In its school description, it states, "Melbourne Grammar School is one of the leading independent schools in Australia, with a tradition of excellence dating back over 160 years..."

However, this elite status comes at a cost. Annual tuition at Melbourne Grammar School generally ranges from $21,000 to $28,000, varying based on academic performance. In response to the teenager's antics, school authorities decided to revoke his student rights.

Philip Grutzner, Principal of Melbourne Grammar School, emphasized the school’s displeasure with the student's actions in an interview - even though it occurred off-campus, they took the matter seriously and it resulted in serious disciplinary actions.

The teenager didn't appreciate the online investigation leading to his expulsion. He posted a TikTok video pleading for the public to stop contacting his school, expressing disbelief that his life was turned upside down over a practical joke.

What the teenager failed to consider was any potential damage he may have caused. Beyond ruining a birthday celebration - clothing, jewellery, bags, and electronics on the boat could have also been damaged. Given the potential scope of his prank, the punishment seems fitting.

The teenager begs for mercy.
The teenager begs for mercy.© TikTok | GiddyNoKiddy
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