NewsAttack on Israel. "You have opened the gates of hell"

Attack on Israel. "You have opened the gates of hell"

Attack on Israel
Attack on Israel
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12:04 AM EDT, October 8, 2023, updated: 5:35 AM EDT, October 8, 2023

Hamas is attacking Israel. The government action coordinator in Jerusalem has turned to Palestinian fighters. - You have opened the gates of hell - he declared.

- I want to say one thing. Hamas has opened the gates of hell for the Gaza Strip. Hamas made the decision. And Hamas will answer for its actions. It will pay for it - declared the coordinator of the Israeli government's actions in a recording published on Twitter.

Israel under fire. Hamas attack

On Saturday at 11:30 PM Eastern Time, Hamas attacked Israel. The Palestinians initiated the operation "Al-Aqsa Flood". Thousands of rockets were fired toward southern and central cities.

Militants also attacked military facilities at the border with the Gaza Strip, including the city of Sderot.

The number of Israeli victims of Hamas attacks has risen to at least 150; at least 1,100 people are injured - announced Reuters, citing the Israeli Ministry of Health after 1pm Eastern Time.

In the retaliatory attacks of Israel, no less than 198 Palestinians were killed and 1610 were injured.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his country is "in a state of war, not in the middle of a military operation against terrorists".

- We will call up as many reservists as necessary, even hundreds of thousands - announced the spokesman of the Israeli armed forces, quoted by Reuters agency. He also highlighted that reports about killed soldiers and commanders of the Israeli army have been confirmed.

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