NewsAttack on Crimean Bridge. Russian woman's yacht photo proves useful

Attack on Crimean Bridge. Russian woman's yacht photo proves useful

The Russian woman helped in the attack on the Crimean Bridge.
The Russian woman helped in the attack on the Crimean Bridge.
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12:26 PM EST, November 25, 2023

The Ukrainian Security Service planned a sea drone attack on the Crimean Bridge using a video recorded by a Russian woman vacationing on a yacht. The woman had unknowingly captured the structure of the bridge in her video. Vasyl Maluk, the chief of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), said the strike's objective was to sever the Russian weapon supply channel.

"The bridge's future is bleak. There is no place for Putin's bridges in the legitimate territory of Ukraine. There will be many surprises," announced Maluk.

The Bridge's "uncertain future"

According to Maluk, two successful SBU attacks on the Crimean Bridge severed this crucial Russian logistics artery. He stated that the bridge is currently not fully functioning, forcing the occupying forces to ferry weapons to their troops.

"The future of the bridge is in question after the SBU's drone strikes. Despite Russia spending $1 billion on its defense, they have failed to secure the bridge. We crushed the myth of the Russian Federation's invincibility. It's a sham nation," declared Maluk.

Footage from Russian woman assisted the attack

Maluk added that the SBU's creation "Sea Baby" is more than just a sea drone capable of attacking large objects. It is a multifunctional platform that actively assists in Ukraine's defense.

Moreover, the SBU obtained all of the secret technical documentation related to the Crimean Bridge, using the footage from the Russian woman's video to prepare for the strike.

The woman had filmed the structure of the bridge while unwinding on her yacht. This inadvertently eased the planning of the precision attack. The sea drones launched their assault on the bridge in early June 2023.

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