NewsAt 102, man finally receives his second-degree diploma from 1947

At 102, man finally receives his second-degree diploma from 1947

He is 102 years old. He just received his diploma.
He is 102 years old. He just received his diploma.
Images source: © Carlo Spagnol, Facebook
3:55 AM EDT, March 31, 2024

Gianluigi Giovetti received his diploma on Friday, an achievement that might seem ordinary if not for the fact that Giovetti is 102 years old and completed his studies back in 1947.

The diploma award ceremony was held remotely and livestreamed at the nursing home in Pordenone where Giovetti, the centenarian graduate, currently resides.

As "Messaggero Veneto," a local newspaper, reported, the University of Modena organized the ceremony. It was in Modena where Giovetti was born and where he completed his studies in the chemistry department in 1947.

After earning his first degree, Giovetti wanted to further his education in pharmaceutical chemistry to work at his grandfather's company.

Regrettably, due to bureaucratic hurdles, as the newspaper detailed, his lab internships were not recognized, preventing him from taking the final examination.

The centenarian's children took up his cause

Giovetti, having relocated from Modena with his family, chose not to redo the internships. Leveraging his initial diploma, he secured a position at a food company, where he dedicated many years to working as a chemist.

The children of Giovetti, now retired for many years, took it upon themselves to reach out to the university, requesting that a diploma in pharmaceutical chemistry be conferred upon their father.

The university responded graciously to the request. Following a review, it decided to bestow the second-degree diploma upon him, highlighting their admiration for the elderly man’s passion for learning and his regard for the diploma’s value.

During the virtual ceremony, the distinguished senior expressed his gratitude to his alma mater, proclaiming: "As a 102-year-old, I say to you: long live life!".

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