LifestyleAsian influencer injured on high-speed airport slide: A cautionary tale

Asian influencer injured on high-speed airport slide: A cautionary tale

A woman showed on Instagram what happened to her.
A woman showed on Instagram what happened to her.
Images source: © Adobe Stock, Instagram @koeyharhar

6:21 AM EDT, June 5, 2024

Koey Har, an Asian influencer, took advantage of one of the attractions at Singapore Changi Airport. Unfortunately, it did not end safely for her. "Oh my God..." she lamented in a video posted on social media.

Singapore Changi Airport is considered one of the world's best and most modern airports. Its interior, adorned with cacti, orchids, palms, and other tropical plants, looks exceptionally impressive. Of course, the gigantic waterfall makes the most significant impression on tourists. But that's not all.

Dangerous attraction

The newest terminal, opened in 2017, features a slide. All tourists can use it. This exciting alternative to stairs and elevators is especially popular with the youngest travelers. Asian influencer Koey Har decided to try it out. Unfortunately, she soon regretted it.

She published a video on her Instagram profile showing her ride down the slide. The woman gained a lot of speed and then hit her head on the inside of the tube, consequently cutting it. "It was painful," she admitted.

Since she had a flight to Bali, she did not have enough time to seek medical help at the airport. Fortunately, the onboard staff on the plane helped her bandage the head wound.

Advice for others

Her video has become a warning for all who would like to use similar attractions. The woman also admitted that you can reach high speeds on the slide and advised lying down and wearing covered shoes instead of flip-flops or sandals to avoid injuries like hers.

"OMG. How could this happen?" "Thank you for the warning," netizens wrote in the video. "I once saw a similar slide in a shopping mall, but I didn't want to be a dusting cloth," one person joked.

Source: Instagram @koeyharhar

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