EntertainmentAshley Judd's niece faces legal turmoil amidst family strife

Ashley Judd's niece faces legal turmoil amidst family strife

Grace, the daughter of Wynonna Judd, was taken into custody.
Grace, the daughter of Wynonna Judd, was taken into custody.
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1:23 PM EDT, April 12, 2024

Grace Kelley, daughter of singer Wynonna Judd and niece of renowned Hollywood actress Ashley Judd, has not been shielded from legal troubles despite her family's fame.

Ashley Judd is well known to all. We have admired the actress in Hollywood productions for a few decades. She has a wealth of productions from various genres to her credit. Among these, there are movies like "Double Jeopardy", the "Divergent" series, or "Olympus Has Fallen", but you have probably also watched "Kiss the Girls" or "High Crimes".

Not many people know that Judd has an incredibly complicated family situation. Two years ago, the star's mother, Naomi, took her own life. There have been reports in the media that Ashley and her sister Wynonna are arguing over their mother's will. And now there have been reports about the star's niece, Grace.

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The actress's niece in custody

Grace Kelley
Grace Kelley© police archive

Grace Kelley, the person in question, was arrested by the Elmore County police on April 5th, but the American media are only now reporting on the case. A mugshot of Ashley Judd's niece taken in custody is also circulating.

The 27-year-old faces three charges: prostitution, public indecency, and obstructing the police. Kelley was allegedly standing semi-nude by one of the highways and encouraging the use of her services. As Page Six describes, she held a sign with the phrase "Ride for a Ride." When the police arrived at the scene, the 27-year-old resisted arrest. Now, the woman is awaiting trial, scheduled for April 25th.

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Legal problems

Grace Kelley
Grace Kelley© police archives

Wynonna's daughter is already a repeat offender. This is not her first run-in with the law. In 2015, she was arrested for possessing drugs. She received a suspended sentence, and when she broke the court's conditions three years later, she was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

She was released early in 2019 but quickly ended up behind bars again for violating her probation terms. The media report that in recent years, the girl has been in jails and detention centers more than once. Now, it is said that she was also on probation, which was supposed to last until the end of 2024. These latest charges may once again put her in prison for several years.

It's worth mentioning that despite serving all these sentences, Grace became a mother. In 2022, her daughter Kaliyah was born. The little girl is being looked after by her grandmother, Wynonna Judd.

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Family problems

Grace Kelley
Grace Kelley© Getty Images | Bruce Glikas

When the little girl was six months old, Wynonna was gushing about her in the media. "She doesn't speak yet, but she looks at me so deeply," she commented on "Today". "She gives me hope. Children have that gift. Thanks to them, we think of someone more than just ourselves. The world so often revolves around us, so it's just so good to be there for her. She doesn't care what I look like," the star said.

In the photo above are Wynonna and little Grace.

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The Complicated Life of "The Judds"

Grace Kelley
Grace Kelley© Getty Images | Bruce Glikas

The lives of the Judd sisters are filled with distressing stories. They were young when their parents divorced. Ashley and Wynonna stayed with their mother, Naomi. The woman struggled with mental health issues. In later years, she admitted to battling "extremely severe depression". Her condition reportedly worsened after she stopped performing on stage with Wynonna.

"When the tour ended, I found myself in a dark, terrifying place, from which I couldn't escape. I spent two years lying on the couch" - she said.

In April 2022, Naomi took her own life. As Ashley Judd commented, her mother had suffered for years from another undiagnosed mental illness. After the woman's death, there was much talk about the legacy she left behind, which almost entirely went to her husband. Ashley accepted her mother's will, while Wynonna was said to talk about a conspiracy against her.

Wynonna and Ashley publicly argued more than once. In 2012, Wynonna did not invite her daughter and mother to her wedding with musician Cactus Moser. Meanwhile, in 2013, Ashley filed a lawsuit against her sister, accusing her of installing a tracking device in her car.

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