SportsAS Roma's Angelino leaps over bonfire in off-season spectacle

AS Roma's Angelino leaps over bonfire in off‑season spectacle

In the photo: Angelino
In the photo: Angelino
Images source: © Instagram

7:11 PM EDT, June 25, 2024

Only some soccer players are currently competing in Euro 2024. Others are preparing for the next league season, while others enjoy their vacation time. It seems that AS Roma player Angelino has a lot of free time, as he demonstrated by... jumping over a bonfire.

Jose Angel Esmoris Tasende, also known as Angelino, did not find favor in the eyes of Spain's national team coach, Luis de la Fuente. As a result, we are not seeing him during the ongoing European Championships.

Thanks to this, the AS Roma player can enjoy some free time, which is scarce during the league season. And it's worth noting that he's doing it in quite an unusual way, which has made quite a buzz on social media.

The player, who appeared in 16 matches in the 2023/24 season, decided to play with fire. In a post on his official Instagram account, he showcased the "stunts" he performed outdoors.

Social media was abuzz with a video of Angelino, in which he... jumps over a bonfire. The Spaniard, who has never debuted in the national team, added two words to the video.

"Meigas Foras," wrote the 27-year-old, which translates to "witches begone" in Galician.

In the several-second-long video, Angelino jumped over the fire three times, wearing only flip-flops on his feet. It's clear that such behavior from a professional soccer player is definitely out of the ordinary.

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