Tips&TricksArtist Jeff Koons takes art to new heights with 'Moon Phases Project', sending 125 sculptures to space

Artist Jeff Koons takes art to new heights with 'Moon Phases Project', sending 125 sculptures to space

This transportation to the moon is different from all others.
This transportation to the moon is different from all others.
Images source: © Instagram | jeffkoons
2:38 AM EST, February 18, 2024

The notion of sending 125 sculptures to the Moon seems staggeringly ambitious, an unattainable fantasy for most of us. However, it's become a reality thanks to artist Jeff Koons and his "Jeff Koons: Moon Phases Project". On February 15th of this year, a Falcon 9 rocket embarked on its journey to the Moon, carrying these works of art. But what is the purpose of this peculiar project?

Art on the Moon: Is it a Caprice?

The inspiration to send sculptures to the Moon emerged in 2022, when Jeff Koons announced his artistic expedition to space. Koons is revered as a legend in the art world, even earning the accolade of being the most expensive living artist. This claim to fame isn't unwarranted; his sculpture "Rabbit" sold for 91 million dollars in 2019! Perhaps his widespread fame fueled his desire for lunar conquest.

The Falcon 9 rocket, a product of SpaceX, carried 125 miniature sculptures, each under 1 inch in diameter. The count of 125 is significant as it corresponds to the phases of the Moon. Surprisingly, each tiny work of art represents significant historical characters honored by Koonos, including noteworthy figures such as Cleopatra, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, and Mozart. Here's what Koonos said about his trailblazing project:

Will the Sculptures Reside on the Moon Indefinitely?

Koons' aspiration was realized in collaboration with Chantelle Baier, director of the company 4SPACE. Under her guidance, Koonos formulated his extraordinary works of art. Piquely, the size of these masterpieces wasn't arbitrary. The artist and the company desired the art to adorn the Moon eternally. However, this doesn't mean the art pieces will remain out of our reach. Replicas of the lunar sculptures, slightly larger than their originals, will soon be available for purchase. But, the crux of the excitement revolves around the rocket itself.

Jeff Koons shared a video of the rocket launch of Falcon 9 and the lunar cruiser Nova C on his Instagram account. The mission, named IM-1 Intuitive Machines, commenced on February 15 and is planned to last eight days. According to the schedule, the rocket will touch down the Moon's southern pole, deposit the sculptures, and commence its return journey. Here's how the launch transpired:

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