TechArgentina strengthens ties with Ukraine by donating Russian helicopters

Argentina strengthens ties with Ukraine by donating Russian helicopters

Images source: © Ministry of Defense of Argentina
8:27 AM EST, March 2, 2024

Ukrainian media have interpreted this as a friendly gesture from Javier Milei, who became the President of Argentina in December 2023. Kyiv is set to receive two Mi-171E helicopters, post-Soviet models that Argentina acquired from Russia several years ago.

The Mi-171E is an export version of the well-known Mi-17 helicopter, featuring two VK-2500-03 engines and designed for operation in extreme temperatures, ranging from -76°F to 122°F. This versatility has allowed Argentina to deploy these helicopters on missions in Antarctica.

Mi-171E for Ukraine

Functioning as a transport and rescue helicopter, the Mi-171E can carry up to 26 passengers or 12 injured persons on stretchers. It has a cruising speed of 155 mph, and its maximum operational altitude is roughly 19,685 feet.

South America siding with Ukraine?

According to the Financial Times, Argentina's new president aims to forge alliances with nations that cherish liberty. He seeks closer ties with the United States and has shown support for Israel, visiting in early February, and now for Ukraine by transferring two Russian helicopters to Kyiv.

Javier Milei is also organizing a "Latin American support summit for Ukraine" later this year, marking a notable departure from the positions of some other South American countries and Mexico.

The President of Brazil has aimed for a neutral stance, avoiding any actions last year that might provoke Russia. Consequently, Brazil declined to supply Ukraine with Guarani 6x6 armored transporters when requested.

Similarly, Ecuador retracted its support for Ukraine, despite its former president's assurances of standing firm against discontent from Russia. This change means that Kyiv will no longer receive various military supports, including Osa self-propelled anti-aircraft missile systems, BM-21 Grad rocket launchers, RPG-7 grenade launchers, and MANPADS (man-portable air-defense systems), which were under consideration for transfer.

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