FoodAre you a phonoholic? Why browsing the web during meals is damaging your health

Are you a phonoholic? Why browsing the web during meals is damaging your health

Eating and phone should not go together.
Eating and phone should not go together.
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4:32 PM EST, January 24, 2024

The term "phonoholism" is a relatively recent addition to the field of psychology. The term, as one might guess, refers to an addiction to smartphones. This addiction has become a massive problem and our technologically advanced society is heading down a slippery slope, one that may require professional help to climb out of.

There are innumerable negative consequences related to the excessive use of phones and the internet. However, keeping within the context of the culinary realm - we have decided to highlight a few key aspects related to using smartphones during meals. It appears that this seemingly innocuous behavior warrants closer examination and possibly a change in habits.

Smartphones and Eating

Glancing at a smartphone screen during meals can be harmful in several ways. The most obvious aspect - the social, companionable one - is just the tip of the iceberg. Research indicates that the negative impacts from this behavior only compound from this point.

The effect of using smartphones during meals turns out to be quite significant. It's primarily about the distraction and its subsequent consequences. As points out, many studies have demonstrated that when we focus on updates from social media, we can lose control over our eating. As a result, we fail to notice the signals our body sends when it's satiated.

The consequences can be quite serious. According to the study referred to by, we end up consuming about 15 percent more calories when using a phone during meals! That's not all. When we eat while holding a smartphone, we often neglect proper chewing. This can be a real challenge for the digestive system, often resulting in conditions such as gastroesophageal reflux.

Eating should be mindful, and a smartphone makes it difficult.
Eating should be mindful, and a smartphone makes it difficult.© Canva | freedomz
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