NewsArab countries' anger towards the USA is growing: "We are losing badly"

Arab countries' anger towards the USA is growing: "We are losing badly"

Anger towards the USA is growing in Arab countries. "We are losing severely"
Anger towards the USA is growing in Arab countries. "We are losing severely"
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3:36 PM EST, November 11, 2023

Joe Biden's administration is receiving warnings from American diplomats in Arab countries, saying that its strong support for Israel's devastating and deadly military campaign in Gaza is provoking anger. One of the cables distinctly states that the USA is "losing Arab societies for a generation".

CNN cited messages sent from embassies in Oman and Egypt, where they described an intensification of anti-American sentiments in these countries.

"We are losing badly in the message battlefield" - states a cable from Muscat. The author warned that support for the Israeli campaign in Gaza could result in the "loss of Arab societies for an entire generation." Diplomats from Cairo quote comments from local press such as: "The cruelty of President Biden and contempt for Palestinians exceed that of all previous US presidents".

"The conflict has ignited public anger"

Barbara Leaf, the US deputy diplomat in charge of the Middle East, echoed these sentiments when speaking before the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives on Wednesday. She admitted that the Arab world's anger was a matter they would have to address.

- I'll be frank - this conflict has ignited significant public anger towards Israel and us - she said.

Media reports suggest that the administration's policy towards the conflict is receiving strong opposition from some American diplomats in the State Department. CBS News reported that a group of diplomats submitted at least one formal complaint, expressing their disagreement with the current policy. The department's leadership reportedly held several discussion sessions with embassy staff in Arab countries. Earlier, in a public protest, one of the department's directors responsible for weapons transfers, Josh Paul, resigned from the department.

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