TechApril Fool's shocker: Gothic 2's award-winning mod, Chronicles of Myrtana, teases major upgrade

April Fool's shocker: Gothic 2's award-winning mod, Chronicles of Myrtana, teases major upgrade

Chronicles of Myrtana Mod of the Decade Edition. Mod for Gothic 2 in version 2.0
Chronicles of Myrtana Mod of the Decade Edition. Mod for Gothic 2 in version 2.0
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10:44 AM EST, January 24, 2024

Chronicles of Myrtana: Archolos is a Polish project that bagged the best mod title of 2021. Yet, there's more good news for Gothic 2 enthusiasts as the mod's creators surprised everyone by revealing that their April Fool's day joke wasn't entirely fictitious.

Usually, claims made on April 1 are taken with a pinch of scepticism. Marketers brainstorm ways to trick as many people as possible into anticipating something unexpected. In sync with this trend, a video featuring Chronicles of Myrtana was released, showcasing version 2.0 of the mod, a hardcore mode, and several enhancements touted to be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

But to the surprise of many, this gag turned out to be quite serious. The creators confirmed that the new version of Chronicles of Myrtana, casually referred to as 2.0, is indeed under development. Everything shown in the trailer is slated to be included in the Mod of the Decade Edition. The catch was that the title was claimed to be a Nintendo Switch exclusive, though plans to port the mod to Nintendo Switch or any other platform, in reality, do not exist.

What we already know is that the upcoming version of the Chronicles will feature the much-anticipated hardcore mode. The material available reveals new enemies, character builds, along with the introduction of a novel feature - the ability to customize the protagonist's appearance with over a million possible combinations. The game will also present new locations, secrets, mini-games and more. Additionally, the creators have also made balancing adjustments and implemented minor corrections.

The uncertainty, however, still hangs over the release date of the mod's new version. While the work is progressing steadily, no official launch date has been provided. Prioritizing timeline certainty, the team behind Chronicles of Myrtana commits to publicizing the date only after they are confident of meeting it.

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