TechApple eyes OpenAI partnership to empower iPhones with ChatGPT

Apple eyes OpenAI partnership to empower iPhones with ChatGPT

Apple eyes OpenAI partnership to empower iPhones with ChatGPT
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9:04 AM EDT, May 12, 2024

Will the iPhone finally be supported by artificial intelligence? Apple may soon agree with OpenAI. With the latest operating system, iOS 18, the iPhone is expected to offer features powered by ChatGPT.

Apple acknowledges its previous oversight in the artificial intelligence domain and is now making considerable efforts to bridge the gap with its competitors. Despite having a dedicated team of engineers developing its own AI technologies, their solutions are not yet fully prepared for integration into Apple's devices. This recognition has propelled Apple to seek a partnership with a more advanced entity in the AI space.

There were earlier speculations about Apple potentially collaborating with Google. However, recent updates suggest that these discussions did not yield the anticipated outcomes, guiding Apple to engage with another heavyweight in AI development, the OpenAI laboratory.

Apple's Collaboration with OpenAI

According to Bloomberg, the negotiations with OpenAI are approaching conclusion. The forthcoming iPhone models are expected to introduce new functionalities enabled by the widely recognized chatbot ChatGPT (iPhone users currently have access to ChatGPT through its app).

Based on interviews with informed sources, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg indicates that Apple aspires to leverage OpenAI's technology to roll out advanced AI features in future iPhone versions. The talks are reportedly on the brink of cementing a formal agreement.

iOS 18 with AI Support

The partnership between these tech behemoths is anticipated to be officially unveiled at the WWDC conference in June. This event is also expected to be the platform where Apple unveils iOS 18, introducing innovative AI-driven functionalities to the iPhone.

While specific details about these new features remain under wraps, looking at what is currently offered by competitors, we can expect enhancements such as photo editing, voice note transcription, website summarization, and text generation.

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