LifestyleAnya Taylor-Joy stuns in daring outfit at Dior Cruise 2025 show

Anya Taylor-Joy stuns in daring outfit at Dior Cruise 2025 show

Anya Taylor-Joy appeared at the Dior show
Anya Taylor-Joy appeared at the Dior show
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3:19 PM EDT, June 4, 2024

Anya Taylor-Joy is one of the best-dressed actresses of the younger generation. She can easily compete with Zendaya. She recently appeared at the Dior Cruise 2025 show in a minimalist outfit that drew attention with her stockings. "Classy" or "sassy"?

She played the lead role in the Netflix hit "The Queen's Gambit." Since then, her career has skyrocketed. She has appeared in as many as eight films in the last four years. Now, she is being talked about in connection with the production of "Furiosa: Mad Max Saga," in which she played the title role.

With her subsequent public appearances, Anya Taylor-Joy proves that she aspires to be a contemporary fashion icon, loving minimalism but simultaneously possessing immense boldness. She recently appeared at the Dior Cruise 2025 show, which was also graced by the presence of Jennifer Lawrence ("The Hunger Games"), Lily Collins ("Emily in Paris"), and Maisie Williams ("Game of Thrones").

Anya Taylor-Joy showcased her style at the Dior show

She opted for simplicity and classicism in a slightly unconventional edition. The famous actress wore a form-fitting, black, knitted mini dress with a turtleneck and long sleeves. But in fact, she was wearing a bodysuit, barely covering her buttocks. There wasn't a hint of vulgarity in it. Anya Taylor-Joy additionally threw on a classic dark gray melange blazer.

Stockings – they made the look striking

But the star wouldn't be herself if her styling lacked an exciting accent. So, instead of embodying the role of a maximally stylish yet demure office lady, she decided to go wild and put on black stockings. These slightly revealed her legs, creating something akin to exciting cutouts. The final element of the outfit was patent leather boots. The whole ensemble looked perfect.

Anya Taylor-Joy opted for minimalism
Anya Taylor-Joy opted for minimalism© East News | Andrew Milligan
Anya Taylor-Joy wore stockings instead of tights
Anya Taylor-Joy wore stockings instead of tights© East News | Andrew Milligan
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