TechAnxiety in Russia: revealing photos

Anxiety in Russia: revealing photos

Images source: © Wikimedia Commons
7:43 AM EDT, October 29, 2023

As reported by Bulgarian Military, satellite photos originating from the Radio & Nukes profile on the platform 'X', indicate that Russians have installed early warning and S-300/400 radar systems in Crimea.

Various devices aimed at bolstering Russian security in Crimea have been noted at the Belbek airbase near Sevastopol. A satellite image taken on October 26 reveals a number of installations, including two 55Zh6U Nebo-U early warning radars, a 96L6 radar belonging to the S-300/400 system, a Pantsir-S2 short-range defense system, and an RSP-27 landing assistance radar.

While these satellite images were obtained only a few days prior, it’s not inconceivable that the Russians may have positioned new equipment in Crimea earlier. Radio & Nukes profile also posted a graphic that outlines the reach of the Russian radars — it reveals that the equipment of the said aggressor covers parts of the Odessa and Kherson regions.

It’s crucial to note that the mentioned devices aren’t the only ones whose installment — as per Bulgarian Military — supposedly indicates Russia's apprehension. Even prior to October 20, Russia had discreetly stationed four MiG-31 aircraft along with a total of 10 Su-27 and Su-30 at the Belbek airport. These movements could suggest that plans are underway in Sevastopol to counter a possible Ukrainian offensive, possibly triggered by Ukraine owning long-range ATACMS missiles.

Crimea’s radar deployment

From the variety of devices recently situated in Crimea, the 55Zh6U Nebo-U early warning radar warrants special attention. It’s equipped to track multiple targets at once, including helicopters, aircraft, and ballistic missiles, making it a vital defense tool against air attacks for Russia.

In addition to detecting targets, the Nebo-U also provides significant data about these targets. As explained by Bulgarian Military, the device can accurately determine the detected object's dimensions, flight speeds, and trajectories of airborne objects.

The 96L6 radar is another device installed in Crimea. This is part of an air defense network, and it’s appreciated for its ability to differentiate and determine targets. This device disregards any distractions and identifies all aircraft types, designating whether they are civil or military in nature, or even missiles.

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