SportsAntonio Ruediger defends against ISIS support accusation

Antonio Ruediger defends against ISIS support accusation

Antonio Ruediger repels accusations of supporting ISIS.
Antonio Ruediger repels accusations of supporting ISIS.
Images source: © Instagram | Antonio Ruediger

2:15 PM EDT, March 28, 2024

"I will not allow myself to be insulted and slandered," said Antonio Ruediger after journalist Julian Reichert accused him of supporting ISIS due to a gesture he made in a photo.

Antonio Ruediger, an experienced defender for Real Madrid and the German national team, is a practicing Muslim who observes Ramadan. He sparked controversy by sharing a photo of himself in traditional attire, raising his finger.

Julian Reichert, the journalist in question, interpreted Ruediger's gesture as support for the Islamic State. ISIS is known for its terrorist activities and radical methods.

"This gesture has been co-opted by terrorists for two decades, symbolizing allegiance to ISIS and Islamist murderers globally. It's the same signal used by those who wreaked havoc in Berlin, causing disaster and immeasurable suffering," Julian Reichert stated on the social media platform X.

Reacting to these accusations, Antonio Ruediger took legal steps, filing a report with the prosecutor's office to investigate Julian Reichert for "insult or defamation." The German Football Association also flagged the issue to the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime in Frankfurt.

In an attempt to clear his name, Ruediger spoke with "Bild," emphasizing his peaceful beliefs. "As a devoted Muslim, I practice my faith but firmly reject all forms of extremism and accusations of supporting Islamism. I advocate for peace and tolerance, as violence and terrorism are utterly unacceptable," he explained.

"My family is diverse, with members practicing different religions, yet we respect and celebrate religious festivals together. Respect and tolerance are fundamental values we all share. I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings and sheds light on the truth," added Antonio Ruediger.
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