EntertainmentAntisexual beds return to the Olympic Village in Paris

Antisexual beds return to the Olympic Village in Paris

Antisexual beds. Do the furniture for Olympians have special properties?
Antisexual beds. Do the furniture for Olympians have special properties?
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9:49 AM EDT, May 30, 2024

Antisexual beds have just arrived in Paris; they will become part of the Olympic Village's equipment, where athletes participating in the competitions will stay. The manufacturer reveals whether the mattresses truly prevent sexual activity.

Antisexual beds are not a new concept. They were already used four years ago during the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. They proved so effective that this year's events organizers decided to trust Airweave again. The unique furniture has been ordered again and is officially part of the athletes' quarters in the Olympic Village in Paris. The event will start on July 26 and last until August 11. Currently, France is in the midst of feverish preparations, including cleaning the Seine River.

But do the famous "antisexual" beds prevent love-making? "The New York Post" revealed that 16,000 modular mattresses were ordered, and each is perfectly suitable for fooling around.

Cardboard beds vs. Olympians

What's the deal with antisexual beds? It all started with their appearance. The mattresses are made of polyethylene, while the frames are... cardboard. This flimsy material foundation has sparked general amusement and speculation that they were explicitly designed to prevent athletes from engaging in romantic activities. Olympians should focus on the competitions and not get distracted by other activities. The risk was exceptionally high this year, considering the event is in Paris, the city of love.

Brett Thornton, Chief Operating Officer of Airweave, stated that the cardboard frames can withstand even more than traditional wooden ones. The company reiterated what they had informed the media during the games in Japan four years earlier.

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese company began collaborating with the Olympic Games during the Tokyo event. It was a unique pandemic edition during which total intimacy restrictions were introduced, helping the event take place under such challenging conditions.

Antisexual beds ensure good sleep

Polyethylene mattresses are intended to help athletes experience the best and most comfortable recovery. Japanese-brand beds are designed to provide deep, uninterrupted sleep and to positively impact different body parts. Artificial intelligence scans athletes and adjusts mattress modules based on their predispositions. A swimmer will have a different setup than a sprinter or a rugby player. Another advantage of the "antisexual" beds is that they are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable.

Anti-sex beds: Do Olympic athletes' furniture have special properties?
Anti-sex beds: Do Olympic athletes' furniture have special properties?© airweave.jp

But will they stop athletes from having sex? No. "The New York Post" informs that this year's Olympic Games organizers have ordered 300,000 condoms, which will be distributed to the athletes' quarters.

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