EntertainmentAnticipated Michael Jackson biopic: The rise, fall, and redemption of the pop king

Anticipated Michael Jackson biopic: The rise, fall, and redemption of the pop king

A biographical film about Michael Jackson will be made.
A biographical film about Michael Jackson will be made.
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1:11 PM EST, January 12, 2024

The genre of biographical films is currently experiencing a significant revival. In recent years, numerous biopics about some of the most prominent music stars have graced theaters. These productions have been amplified with phenomenal scale and enormous budgets.

Bohemian Rhapsody ignited a new era for Queen and rekindled the enthusiasm of the legendary band's fans, while Rocket Man reevaluated the musical genre and confirmed that a biographical film doesn't have to be extolled. Elvis brought the King of Rock 'n Roll and his turbulent relationship with his manager into focus for a younger audience. Whitney was a tribute to the recently departed artist, and a full-length movie about Amy Winehouse is set to premier in April. Soon, Priscilla, another production about Elvis Presley, this one viewed through the feminist lens of Sofia Coppola, will open in theaters.

The compilation of these films is certainly not exhaustive, as another highly anticipated biopic is scheduled to premier in 2025. This time, it will chronicle the life of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson biography - when is the premiere?

The biopic about Michael Jackson has aroused great enthusiasm not just among his fans. The film will trace the entire journey of the musician - from his initial rise to fame with The Jackson Five to the controversies surrounding his plastic surgery, allegations of pedophilia, and numerous court trials. Lionsgate film studio is overseeing the production of the vocalist's biography, with Antoine Fuqua serving as the director and Graham King, known for Bohemian Rhapsody, acting as the producer. The role of the legendary artist will be essayed by the pop king's nephew Jafaar Jackson, the son of Michael’s older brother, Jermaine Jackson.

Michael Jackson - Beat It (Official 4K Video)

The production is slated for release on April 18, 2025.

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