TechAnticipated Chrome update arrives: a new feature for iOS users

Anticipated Chrome update arrives: a new feature for iOS users

Anticipated Chrome update arrives: a new feature for iOS users
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6:24 PM EDT, November 1, 2023

Google has announced the release of a long-awaited feature on Apple devices. Chrome's browser on iOS now officially allows users to move the address bar from the top of the screen to the bottom.

This feature has been a point of discussion for some time. A few users got early access to it in the browser's beta version. Now, it's available to everyone and doesn't require an update for installation. This optional change can be activated from the application's settings. To shift the address bar to the screen's bottom, you need to go to the system settings, change the "address bar" option, or select the "move the address bar down" option on a long press of the bar itself.

Google added this option several years after Apple introduced a similar feature in its Safari browser with the iOS 15 system. Initially, this change met with controversy among some users, but over time it gained many supporters. Its popularity comes from the convenience it provides for one-handed browser operation, which is a more ergonomic position of the bar that eliminates excessive thumb strain.

While Google had previously experimented with allowing Chrome users to move the address bar on Android, the latest update applies strictly to the browser's version on iOS. It seems to be an attempt to encourage Safari users to transition to a different browser.

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