LifestyleAnti-stress cocktail: nourishment for the brain and gut

Anti-stress cocktail: nourishment for the brain and gut

The anti-stress drink will soothe nerves.
The anti-stress drink will soothe nerves.
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1:59 PM EDT, October 28, 2023

High levels of stress are detrimental to our well-being. If everyday life is fraught with tension, it's worthwhile to seek natural methods to support our nervous system. One such method is a delightful, anti-stress cocktail - not only delicious but also a healthy choice for those who want to maintain their well-being in a natural, safe manner.

This cocktail is a beneficial way to bolster mental health and alleviate tension. It is made up of just three key ingredients (along with water, milk, or a plant-based drink).

Almonds - an abundance of magnesium and Vitamin B

Almonds are among the richest sources of magnesium, a mineral crucial for our nervous system. Insufficient magnesium can result in insomnia, heightened muscle tension, and even depressive states. B-group vitamins, found abundantly in almonds, are essential for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system, significantly contributing to the production of serotonin - often called the "happiness hormone".

Regular intake helps guard against diabetes.

Dates - natural sugar and mood enhancer

Dates not only serve as an excellent source of energy due to their natural sugars but are also packed with elements beneficial to our nervous system. They contain, among other things, tryptophan - an amino acid that leads to serotonin production. Consequently, routinely consuming dates can help enhance mood and alleviate stress symptoms.

Ginger - a root with calming properties

Ginger, often primarily associated with anti-inflammatory benefits and improvement of digestion, also has notable effects on the nervous system. It possesses calming properties, minifies tension and anxiety while simultaneously stimulating mental activity.

Enjoy this concoction for a good night's sleep and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Anti-Stress Cocktail


- 10 almonds

- 5 dates (pitted)

- a fresh piece of ginger (approx. 0.79 inches)

- Around 1 cup of water, milk, or a plant-based drink


1. Blend the almonds thoroughly until they form a pulp.

2. Chop the dates and ginger into smaller pieces and add to the almonds.

3. Introduce the water or chosen plant milk.

4. Blend the combined ingredients well until achieving a smooth concoction.

Promotes intestinal cleansing, contains Vitamin C and has anti-cancer flavonoids.

The cocktail is ready to enjoy! Nonetheless, remember it's meant to supplement a balanced diet and shouldn't be seen as a sole source of essential nutrients or a substitute for medical treatments.

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