NewsAnti-Israel protests near White House. The crowd attempted to breach the gates

Anti-Israel protests near White House. The crowd attempted to breach the gates

Anti-Israel protests under the White House
Anti-Israel protests under the White House
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11:34 AM EST, November 5, 2023

Anti-Israel protests are growing global momentum. On Saturday, November 4, a massive rally in solidarity with Palestine unfolded in Washington's streets. American media reports that the protesters attempted to breach the White House's surrounding fence and even assaulted Secret Service agents.

Following the Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent escalation of the Middle East conflict, anti-Israeli protests have swept across several European cities. Large rallies have already been organized in Berlin (Germany), London (UK), Athens (Greece), Paris (France), and Warsaw (Poland).

The protesters are demanding "peace" and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Waving Palestinian flags and chanting freedom slogans, riots frequently erupt at these demonstrations.

Riots outside White House amidst anti-Israel protests in Washington

On Saturday, November 4, these protests reached Washington. The participants vehemently expressed their opposition to the Biden administration's support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

American media reported that hundreds of people assembled outside the White House in the evening, where they loudly shouted the slogan "F...k Joe Biden".

Videos circulating on social media show demonstrators attempting to storm the gate to the presidential property. These clips clearly show that some protesters threw objects at Secret Service agents attempting to contain them.

The fence surrounding the residence was splashed with red paint, and anti-Israel banners and flags were hung on the fence. Several other nearby properties were also vandalized over the course of the evening.

As reported by "Fox News", demonstrators covered the statue of General Marquis de Lafayette in Lafayette Park with graffiti and Palestinian flags and even smashed the windows of a nearby McDonald's restaurant.

"An earlier attempt to break through the gate into the White House compound was thwarted without any incidents by the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service and support teams. No arrests have been made to date," said Anthony Guglielmi, Chief of Secret Service Communications, as quoted by "Fox News" late in the night.
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