Tips&TricksAntarctic mystery unraveled: Scientists debunk theories on pyramid-like structure's origins

Antarctic mystery unraveled: Scientists debunk theories on pyramid-like structure's origins

The mysterious pyramid lies in the mountain range in Antarctica.
The mysterious pyramid lies in the mountain range in Antarctica.
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2:28 AM EST, February 17, 2024

For centuries, the Egyptian pyramids have been a source of fascination, often leading to questions regarding if they were solely man-made. Conversely, the pyramid-like structure in Antarctica envelops people in an even greater mystery. Could an ancient civilization have crafted this structure? This inquiry first piqued the curiosity of internet users in 2016 when Google Maps enthusiasts noticed an unusual entity in Antarctica. In response, scientists decided to examine this strange structure thoroughly. In their study, they managed to debunk all related conspiracy theories. So, what exactly is this so-called Antarctic pyramid, and who could be behind its creation?

Origins of the Antarctic pyramids

Research conducted by scientists from Yale University suggests that Antarctica was once a continent that experienced warmth and high temperatures. Dr. Vanessa Bowman from the University of Leeds adds that about 100 million years ago, lush rainforests covered the area, indicating that it was not always as ice-bound and frigid as it is now. These better conditions suggest that Antarctica may have once been inhabited by a certain civilization.

Undoubtedly, Antarctica remains a mysterious place. Various studies and manifestations are conducted there to help us better understand climate change. Due to numerous conspiracy theories, experts also investigated the origin of the conical structure found there. Interestingly, Google Maps enthusiasts first spotted the pyramid-like shape in Antarctica. So, could this baffling building have been created by the previously mentioned ancient civilization?

Unraveling the mystery of the Antarctic pyramid

Those hoping for confirmation that the pyramid in Antarctica was built by an ancient civilization or extraterrestrial life forms will be deeply disappointed. Scientists agree that the pyramid-like structure was formed due to geophysical processes in this region millions of years ago. Expert studies suggest that it's simply a conical mountain that superficially resembles a pyramid.

Scientifically speaking, these are known as nunataks, which are peaks rising above the flat glacier surface. Aside from Antarctica, nunataks can also be seen in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Interestingly, despite its fame, the pyramid-like mountain in Antarctica still lacks an official name. It is simply one of the many peaks in the Ellsworth Mountains.

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