NewsAnother reshuffle in Russia as Putin makes a security chief his first advisor

Another reshuffle in Russia as Putin makes a security chief his first advisor

Another reshuffle in Russia as Putin makes a security chief his first advisor
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12:48 PM EDT, May 14, 2024, updated: 1:01 PM EDT, May 14, 2024

Putin made Patrushev his aide, transforming him from security chief to dictator’s advisor, yet another change in the Russian hierarchy.

According to a decree published by the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin’s ousted security chief, Nikolai Patrushev, will instead serve as the Russian president’s aide.

As the second advisor Putin chose Aleksiej Diumin, his own former guard and governor of Tulsa region. Petrushev is to coordinate the navy whilst Diumin the arms industry.

"After 16 years at the top of the Russian security hierarchy, Patrushev’s new role as an aide assigned to shipbuilding matters looks like a demotion," states Politico.

Nikolai Patrushev is considered one of three Putin loyalists who have served with him in St Petersburg since the 1970s.

Politico also quotes Abbas Gallyamov, an analyst and former Kremlin speechwriter, who said it is possible that Patrushev would continue to wield some influence.

"It looks like Putin has decided that by appointing the younger Patrushev as a deputy prime minister, he’s fulfilled his obligation and can now with a peaceful mind send off his father to honorable retirement," Gallyamov added.

More changes in Putin's government

On Sunday, Putin changed Sergei Shoigu’s position from Defense Minister to secretary of Russia’s Security Council, replacing Patrushev. Andrei Belousov took Shoigu’s sit.

The reshuffles are supposed to influence the war in Ukraine.

Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin’s spokesperson, said Russia was becoming more like the Soviet Union in the mid-1980s when a high proportion of GDP went on military spending.

"As a result, it was necessary to make sure that military expenditure was better integrated into Russia's overall economy. The one who is more open to innovations is the one who will be victorious on the battlefield," he said.

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