NewsAnother Hamas leader eliminated. Recording appereaead in the internet

Another Hamas leader eliminated. Recording appereaead in the internet

Another Hamas leader eliminated. Recording appereaead in the internet
Images source: © PAP | PAP/EPA/ABIR SULTAN
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11:54 AM EDT, October 15, 2023

The Israelis have eliminated another Hamas leader. Bilal al-Kedra was killed in a raid on the Gaza Strip. A recording has appeared online documenting the army's action in the enclave.

On Sunday, the Israeli army announced that it had eliminated another Hamas leader. A video was published online showing the strike in the Gaza Strip. Bilal al-Kedra directed previous attacks in Israel.

On October 7, Palestinian militants stormed the kibbutz Nirim and shot five people in their homes. The intervention of the kibbutz self-defense slowed the attack, but five guards lost their lives.

Meanwhile, in the kibbutz Nir Oz, Hamas militants murdered 25 people, including six and four-year-old children, and also kidnapped over 80 residents. Among the abducted is historian Alex Dancyg, a citizen of Poland.

Al-Kedra, was the commander of the so-called southern battalion of Khan Junis in the Nuchba unit (Arabic. elite), which according to the Israeli army consists of fighters designated to carry out terrorist attacks, such as ambushes, air raids, assaults, tunnel infiltration, as well as launching anti-tank rockets and missiles.

The Israeli military reported that it struck over 100 targets on Saturday night to Sunday, including command centers of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, military facilities, dozens of rocket launchers, anti-tank rocket launch sites, and observation posts. Additionally, other Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants were eliminated.

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