TechAnka-3, Turkey's new advanced drone, takes its first flight. A game changer in warfare

Anka-3, Turkey's new advanced drone, takes its first flight. A game changer in warfare

Drone Anka-3
Drone Anka-3
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9:59 AM EST, December 29, 2023

As reported by the Turkish website Savunma Sanayi ST on the X platform, the drone's first flight, representing the Anka family, lasted 70 minutes. The drone ascended nearly 1.5 miles and accelerated to about 173 mph. The Turkish industry emphasizes that Anka-3 will bring the capabilities of the Turkish defense industry in drone creation to a new level.

The new drone, Anka-3, from Turkey

Though there are scant details about this machine, which is projected to eventually replace the much-loved Bayraktar TB2, the producer is emphasizing the presence of a turbofan jet engine in this new combat drone model.

We know that Anka-3 is primarily built for air-to-ground missions, including deep-strike missions and DEAD/SEAD missions, which target aerial defense and potentially misdirect enemy radar as a decoy.

Anka-3 is expected to have a maximum takeoff weight of around 14,330 lbs. The drone's payload is projected to be 2,640 lbs, while the operational altitude should not go beyond 7.4 miles (maximum ceiling is about 8 miles). Its exact range and flight duration are yet to be disclosed, as is specific information on the drone's armament. But, the Militarny website speculates that "most likely these will be rocket bombs". Savunma Sanayi ST discusses the possibility of machine integration with SOM-J, Mk-82 (free-falling ammunition weighing over 0.43 lbs), and SDB bombs.

It is important to note that Anka-3 is a flying-wing drone lacking a tail. With the inclusion of stealth technology, this drone should appear almost invisible on enemy radar screens.

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