NewsAn unusual situation during the match. The referee pulled out a white card

An unusual situation during the match. The referee pulled out a white card

The referee showed the soccer player a white card.
The referee showed the soccer player a white card.
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3:23 PM EDT, October 19, 2023

Sports fans know well that in soccer, the referee has a yellow and red card at their disposal. Meanwhile, in a match on the fifth tier in Portugal, the referee showed a player a white card. What does it signify?

Every fan knows that if a football player or coaching staff member commits a foul during a match, they can be penalized with a yellow or red card. This way, they can weaken their team and thereby increase the opposing team's chances of achieving a favorable result.

Meanwhile, in one of the matches of the Portuguese fifth league, the referee showed the player a white card. However, it was not a penalty but a reward, as the player decided on a beautiful act of fair play.

In the 55th minute, the attacker of the Grupo Uniao Sport team, Roberto Carlos, had a great chance to score a goal. He took possession of the ball after a defender's mistake, but ultimately decided not to take advantage of the favorable opportunity.

Instead of striking at the opponents' goal, Carlos kicked the ball out of bounds. He noticed that the defender of the Sport Clube Alcacovense team, Wesley Silva, suffered a serious injury during this situation and fell to the turf with a grimace of pain.

Carlos' magnificent gesture was immediately rewarded with applause by the fans. His hitting the ball out of the field allowed for quick medical intervention. While the Grupo Uniao Sport football players lost a chance at a goal, they gained the fans' sympathy.

The referee showed the player a white card for this gesture. It was introduced in Portugal to promote and reward all gestures of fair play. Without a doubt, such was the behavior of Carlos.

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