EntertainmentAn unusual event in MMA not seen before

An unusual event in MMA not seen before

Unprecedented situation in MMA
Unprecedented situation in MMA
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9:28 AM EST, November 19, 2023

Something unprecedented happened in the world of MMA. In Bulgaria, during a fight at a gala, one of the bouts ended in the first round for a fascinating reason.

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship - the world's largest bare-knuckle fighting organization, organized an event in Bulgaria over the weekend. Exciting matches were held in Sofia.

However, the event garnering the most attention was the peculiar situation that transpired during the fight between Kaloyan Kolev and Amer Abdulnabim.

Throughout the early stages of the fight, the Lebanese athlete Abdulnabim struggled to maintain his balance. This is because he was wearing shoes with exceptionally slippery soles, causing him to risk falling to the mat with every powerful blow attempted. The referee paused the fight after only a minute to find a solution. Despite efforts - including using tape - the issue couldn't be resolved. As a result, the entire fight was called off after only 57 seconds.

Check out the video capturing this unusual situation during the Bulgarian gala:

Despite the irregular circumstances, Kaloyan Kolev secured his 12th professional victory. He has only been defeated once in his career so far. The strange event raised both eyebrows and cheers from the local audience, as another Bulgarian representative was able to celebrate his victory.

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