LifestyleAn unsettling TikTok video reveals hotel safes can be unlocked with a universal supercode

An unsettling TikTok video reveals hotel safes can be unlocked with a universal supercode

The TikToker shows how to open a hotel safe.
The TikToker shows how to open a hotel safe.
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6:41 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Hotel safes are cruder than they appear. The guests who use these safes set their own codes, making it unlikely for a third party to gain access to stored items.

Safe opened without knowing the code: "This is gonna surprise you"

Surprisingly, it appears you don't need to know the code to open a safe. As TikToker Daniella Álvarez demonstrated, all it takes to unlock one is a simple password reset - an astonishingly easy process. She shows in a video how effortlessly she disarms the device.

The video captures her partner stowing a wallet and a watch in the safe, and then setting the security code. The partner then demonstrates how to open the safe without knowing the code previously set, claiming, "This will surprise you".

- Let's say I forgot the code. So, what should I do? I could call the reception and ask for help. But what I did was press the "lock" button twice, and then enter the number "0" six times. This is a universal supercode that overrides everything. I bet this works for 99 percent of all hotel safes in the world - the TikToker said in the video.

Internet Users Shocked by Universal Code

The video spurred widespread shock among internet users,, particularly those who frequently rely on hotel safes. It shattered their belief in the security of their items left in the safes.

Responses included: "So this safe is not safe at all", "Now I will never use a hotel safe again", and "Instead, they should put minibars in hotel rooms". Some users suggested that a sequence of numbers "999999" may also possess similar hacking properties.

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