Local NewsAn infant among five people killed, hundreds injured after deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma

An infant among five people killed, hundreds injured after deadly tornadoes strike Oklahoma

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2:14 PM EDT, April 29, 2024

In recent days, multiple tornadoes have ravaged parts of America. The tornadoes hitting Oklahoma, apart from demolishing numerous buildings, have led to at least five fatalities, including an infant. According to meteorologists, wind speeds surpassed 136 mph.

For several days now, American authorities and emergency services have been on the highest alert due to the tornadoes tearing through the country's midsection, leaving destruction in their wake. On Sunday, April 29, several tornadoes hit Oklahoma before moving to Nebraska.

The aftermath in these states is devastating, with destroyed homes and streets becoming a grim testament to the tornado's power. Despite prior warnings to residents in endangered areas, the storms have inflicted a tragic toll in terms of injuries and deaths.

Even though less than 48 hours have passed since the tornadoes struck, the toll is already heavy, with several hundred people injured and at least 5 fatalities, among them a 4-month-old baby.

This infant was from Hughes County, notably affected by Sunday's tornadoes. Local officials report that at least 50 homes might have been destroyed and dozens injured in this area alone.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt confirmed the death toll in his state and issued a special statement on Sunday. President Joe Biden has also expressed concern, offering support and assistance to those affected.

"My prayers are with those who lost loved ones as tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma last night," announced Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt on Sunday. "Thank you to Oklahoma Emergency Management and those who have worked through the night to keep Oklahomans safe and have worked to clear debris and assess damage"

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