SportsAn important moment in the star's life as he shares good news

An important moment in the star's life as he shares good news

In the picture Phil Foden.
In the picture Phil Foden.
Images source: © Licensor | Instagram Phil Foden
6:12 PM EST, December 8, 2023

Phil Foden, currently among the biggest stars of Manchester City and the England national team, took to social media to announce that he has passed an important exam. The 23-year-old footballer revealed this news with palpable pride on his social media platforms.

Most world-renowned footballers have a penchant for driving expensive, luxurious cars. Phil Foden, however, could not count himself among these elites until recently. The explanation is simple - Foden, the Manchester City player, did not possess a driving license.

But that situation has taken a swift turn. On Thursday evening, Foden treated his followers to a snapshot of himself behind the wheel. The English player, aged 23, is seen brandishing a wide smile in the image as he holds a document confirming his newly acquired driving rights. A sign of contentment, Foden gives a thumbs up to signify his satisfaction with this feat.

Phil Foden with a driver's license
Phil Foden with a driver's license© Licensor | Phil Foden

It's very likely that soon enough, English tabloids will unravel what car Foden has chosen to purchase. The 23-year-old has enviable earnings, allowing him the freedom to choose almost any vehicle on the globe.

The young footballer is among the highest-earning players in the Premier League. British reports suggest that he bags a staggering weekly wage of 225,000 pounds, which sums up to nearly 12 million pounds per annum. This whopping measure only accounts for his club salary and doesn't include other sources of his income.

Among several lucrative deals, Foden also holds a contract with brands like the Cernucci jewelry company. Such partnerships provide him with additional millions. Given the vast financial resources at his disposal, the young star can afford to be lavish when selecting his debut car.

This season, Phil Foden has emerged as a critical asset for his team. He has been involved in 22 games across all competitions, contributing 7 goals and making 5 assists. After 15 rounds, his Manchester City is currently situated fourth in the Premier League table, trailing behind Arsenal by 6 points.

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