NewsAn employee implicated in 80m euro cocaine smuggling operation via banana boxes

An employee implicated in 80m euro cocaine smuggling operation via banana boxes

Confiscated banana boxes
Confiscated banana boxes
Images source: © Getty Images | 2022 Horacio Villalobos

11:30 AM EST, January 23, 2024

The Czech police announced the arrest of three men involved in smuggling drugs. They reportedly concealed hundreds of kilograms of illegal substances within products destined for supermarket shelves, according to the German newspaper, "Bild". Senior Inspector Lucie Šmoldasová conveyed, "Based on our findings, the organized group smuggled cocaine in banana boxes from South American countries through Hamburg."

Among the detained individuals reported by the Czech media is Lidl manager, Jiří G., who was responsible for fruit and vegetable importation into the Czech Republic. Commissioner Šmoldasová explained, "One of the men is suspected of exploiting his role in an international retail chain where he had considerable influence over logistics".

Reports indicate that another suspect, Petr H., is associated with Czech gangster Radovan Krejčíř. The final man apprehended is of Albanian nationality, previously involved in drug trafficking. This investigation was conducted in partnership with Interpol.

The newspaper "Bild" reported that in June of the previous year, Czech authorities found about 1852 pounds of cocaine in various supermarkets' banana boxes. These substances had also been shipped to Germany through the port of Hamburg. The confiscated drugs carry an estimated street value of approximately 80 million euros.

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