EntertainmentAn embarrassing video of the president leaked. His unique way of "motivating" soccer players

An embarrassing video of the president leaked. His unique way of "motivating" soccer players

In the photo: Luis Rubiales
In the photo: Luis Rubiales
Images source: © Getty Images | 2023 Eurasia Sport Images
6:32 AM EST, November 15, 2023

Luis Rubiales, suspended for three years following an incident at the Women’s World Cup finals, is once again the subject of controversy. A video has now surfaced in Spain of the former president "motivating" soccer players before a semi-final game.

The FIFA disciplinary committee has imposed a strict punishment on Luis Rubiales. The ex-president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is now prohibited from being involved in any football-related activities for three years.

The situation started due to his inappropriate behavior at the Women's World Cup finals. Spain defeated England 1:0, and during the awards ceremony, Rubiales chose to kiss one of the players, Jennifer Hermoso, which led to his discipline.

Rubiales's controversy has resurfaced because an audio recording of his pre-match speech before the World Cup semi-final has been leaked online. The tape was exclusively published by the newspaper "El Espanol".

"Who has a bigger heart? Us or them? Who fights harder?" – Rubiales asked each player individually.

The Spanish players were persistently asked these questions by Rubiales. However, he did not stop there. The former president raised another significantly controversial question.

"Who has more courage? You or them? Who's more intelligent? Them or us?" – he continued.

Rubiales then continued his speech without soliciting further input from the players. He concluded his motivation with emphatic words, urging the Spanish team to outperform their competition.

"We will win because we are the best team. Don't wake up tomorrow thinking you could have done more. Beat Sweden and come out victorious!" – Rubiales concluded.

Eventually, Spain defeated Sweden with a score of 2:1. They later went on to clinch the finals and, consequently, the title. As for Rubiales, despite his joy at the victory, his current focus is on appealing against his sanction or at least having it reduced.

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