Tips&TricksAn eco-friendly household secret to eliminating stubborn refrigerator odors and grease stains

An eco‑friendly household secret to eliminating stubborn refrigerator odors and grease stains

Chalk in the fridge.
Chalk in the fridge.
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7:11 AM EST, February 3, 2024, updated: 4:25 AM EST, March 7, 2024

While its primary use may be for writing on blackboards or marking on pavement, chalk's utility can be stretched a bit further. This incredible, simple tool can successfully combat the issue of unpleasant fridge odors. A single piece can effectively banish this bothersome problem for good.

How to eliminate foul odors from the refrigerator?

Have you ever experienced that moment when you open the fridge, and an off-putting smell greets you? Most of us would prefer to quickly shut it and avoid opening it again. The source of this unpleasant experience isn't always negligence; it can also be due to the mingling of various unsealed or improperly secured food odors.

Since introducing a freshener in the fridge isn't a plausible solution, it becomes necessary to find a method that effectively absorbs these undesired odors. This is where chalk comes into play owing to its hygroscopic properties. Although most people associate these properties with the absorption of moisture, chalk is equally effective for combating strong odors. The chalk should be kept whole and can be placed on the top or bottom shelf. It is advised to place it on a paper towel or a small plate. Replace it every few days until it softens and changes color.

How to incorporate chalk in routine cleaning?

Applying chalk's unique properties can be beneficial in diverse scenarios. As this natural material excels at absorbing water, it can be useful for tackling grease that has soaked into a fabric. Its gentle, delicate formula will not harm the material and can aid in removing stubborn stains.

If a greasy stain mars your tablecloth, try rubbing it with powdered chalk and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take a brush with firm bristles and start scrubbing the fibers. The crumbling chalk should help lift the grease from the fabric. Repeat this procedure several times, then finally scrub the area with dish soap and put it in the washing machine. Chalk acts like a homemade stain remover. This approach is considerably more eco-friendly than using commercially available chemical-based products. It is highly effective on a range of surfaces, right from eliminating foul refrigerator smells to removing grease stains.

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