LifestyleAn easy solution for a pilled sweater right in your home

An easy solution for a pilled sweater right in your home

All fabrics sooner or later get destroyed.
All fabrics sooner or later get destroyed.
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12:41 PM EST, November 22, 2023

Has your favorite sweater lost its appeal? Is it stretched out, uncomfortable to touch, and stiffening? Thankfully, it can still be salvaged. We have a simple method to restore its fluffiness.

We all have that one must-have winter sweater. The years fly by, but we remain attached to it, even when it's no longer as pristine as it once was. All fabric eventually shows signs of wear and tear, particularly those that contain even a tiny amount of synthetic materials. Snags and unsightly pills appear, and the fabric loses its soft appeal. However, it can still be rejuvenated with a particular treatment.

Preserving Your Favorite Sweater: The Importance of Proper Washing

Sweaters differ in material composition, so it's vital to examine the information on the label before washing. It tells you the manufacturer's care instructions that will keep your sweater in its best state. Generally, the less frequently you wash sweaters, the better. Sometimes, simply airing them out is sufficient. To refresh your sweater, consider freezing it for about an hour, significantly extending the time between washes.

Select the gentlest program (for wool) and a low temperature (68-86°F) when washing. Don't overcrowd the washing machine or mix the sweater with clothes with zippers or sharp components, as they can damage it. An intriguing alternative is substituting ordinary detergent with hair shampoo to make the sweater fluffier. Skipping the spin cycle or setting it to the lowest speed is also advisable.

A Homemade Solution for Sweater Pilling

With the help of homemade remedies, you can rejuvenate a pilled sweater. All you need is a unique soak made from everyday items. Combine 1 cup of milk with around half a gallon of water, then soak your sweater for 3 hours. After washing, rinse the sweater in warm water and leave it to air dry. The result? A soft, fluffy sweater once more.

In addition, stubborn pills that develop over time can be eliminated using a fabric shaver or a disposable razor. While shaving your clothes might sound like an arduous process, the outcome is remarkable. Even the most pilled sweaters can be made to look brand new!

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