LifestyleAmy Slaton's stunning transformation: From 397 pounds to motherhood and new look

Amy Slaton's stunning transformation: From 397 pounds to motherhood and new look

Amy Slaton weighed 180 kg.
Amy Slaton weighed 180 kg.
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12:51 PM EST, February 11, 2024

Amy Slaton earned popularity after her appearance on the "1,000-Lb Sisters" show broadcasted by TLC. Over the course of years, she has experienced a radical transformation that viewers of the reality show watched with great anticipation. Also part of the journey was her sister Tammy who initially weighed a startling 716 pounds and battled with many health issues due to her weight, pushing her to the point where she had to be resuscitated twice.

Amy Slaton, once weighing 397 pounds, dreamt of becoming a mother

There was a time when Amy weighed 397 pounds. Despite her emotional and physical struggles, she mustered up the determination to lose weight and meet the requirements for gastric reduction surgery. Her primary motivation sprang from her longing to have a child.

"When I first met Amy, more than two years ago, she exceeded 397 pounds, and a paramount life goal for her was to become a mother. At that period, it seemed like an impossible feat," recalled Dr. Charles Procter, the surgeon who featured in one of the 2022 episodes.

Fortuitously, Amy's dream came true as she now mothers two children. As reportedly shared by "In Touch", Amy became a single mother after she divorced her husband, Michael Halterman in 2023.

Undertaking a dramatic transformation: Shedding 176 pounds

How much weight did the reality show star lose? Amy began the program in 2019, wearing size 5XL clothes. By 2022, when she delivered her second son, Glenn, she had slimmed down to size XL. To date, Amy has lost approximately 176 pounds and she's added a touch of personality with her purple hairstyle.

"I'm somewhat nervous, thinking perhaps I haven't reached where I should be in my weight loss journey," she expressed in a 2022 episode. She admitted to intentionally not obsessing over her weight and not solely focusing on the numbers on the scale. "I steer clear of the scale because I then tend to fixate on the fluctuating numbers, and if I observe it climbing, I might spiral into depression and crave more food. Hence, it's best not to pay it any mind," she explained.

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