TechAmericans to build entirely new Abrams tanks amidst rising tensions

Americans to build entirely new Abrams tanks amidst rising tensions

Abrams tank assembly line
Abrams tank assembly line
Images source: © Lima Tank Plant

3:01 PM EDT, May 23, 2024

Although the M1A2SEPv3 Abrams tanks delivered to the army and international clients are described as new, in practice, they are built using old components with reset lifespans. Soon, this situation will change – the Americans plan to start producing entirely new Abrams tanks.

The M1A2SEPv3 tanks are new. Although their lifespan (mileage) is zero, they contain elements manufactured even decades ago, such as old hulls.

On the production line, these old parts, like the hulls, are supplemented with new armor modules and used in the assembly process of new tanks.

The increase in international tension has made Americans recognize the need to end the current practice, which made the delivery of new primary tanks dependent on the availability of old components.

For this reason, the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center production facility received significant funding to expand its production base, enabling it to produce entirely new tanks, such as the M1A2SEPv3, and in the future, the next development version, M1A3.

As noted by Defence24, funding for the American tank factory aims not only to resume Abrams production but also other armored vehicles. The facility will begin producing, among other things, the light M10 Booker tank and the new version of the wheeled Stryker transporter.

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