NewsAmericans died in Israel. White House statement

Americans died in Israel. White House statement

Americans died in Israel. White House statement.
Americans died in Israel. White House statement.
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2:33 PM EDT, October 9, 2023

The National Security Council and State Department have so far confirmed the deaths of nine US citizens as a result of fighting between Hamas and Israel. The search for missing persons is still ongoing.

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The US administration has not provided the circumstances and causes of death of Americans, or the number of injured. As stated in a statement by State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller, an unspecified number of people are also considered missing.

"We are working with our Israeli partners and with local authorities to locate them," Miller said.

On Sunday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken admitted that among those kidnapped by Hamas during Saturday's attacks may be US citizens.

Hamas attacked Israel. Joe Biden spoke out

On Sunday, Joe Biden addressed the situation in Israel. - The United States stands with Israel - assured Joe Biden. - There is never a justification for terrorist attacks - he added.

Biden also assured that the US will support Israel. - We will ensure that they receive the help their citizens need and be able to continue to defend themselves - said the US president.

Biden announced that he had spoken with the Israeli prime minister and assured him that his administration's support for Israel's security is "solid and unwavering".

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