LifestyleAmerican star Julia Fox flips fashion norms at Sundance

American star Julia Fox flips fashion norms at Sundance

Julia Fox flew to the Sundance Film Festival 2024 in a daring outfit.
Julia Fox flew to the Sundance Film Festival 2024 in a daring outfit.
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2:21 PM EST, January 21, 2024

The Sundance Film Festival is recognized as the largest independent film festival in the USA, drawing a premium social circle every year. This year's 40th edition kicked-off on January 18th and is set to last until Sunday, January 28th. The established screen stars, including Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster, have already landed in Utah. But Julia Fox eclipsed everyone, stepping into the limelight in contentious attire.

Quirky magnified

Julia Fox introduced herself to a larger audience when she appeared alongside Kanye West. Despite her fleeting relationship with the rap maestro, she ensures she doesn't fade into oblivion. The credit goes to her startling style that leaves one in awe. Fox sets the standards higher, offering eccentricity a fresh perspective.

A winter bikini? In Julia Fox's fashion, anything goes

She showed up at the festival dressed in a black jumpsuit. Doesn't sound too audacious? That's because the real show-stopper was the ensemble Julia Fox wore atop her tight bodice, a stark white bikini that boldly contrasted the dark base. The skimpy bra and panties were bold and inaugurated a new fashion trend where the only rule is anarchy.

When class meets the streets

The white fur, a symbol of opulence and the epitome of grace, was demoted by the snow boots this time. The utilitarian, rubber boots emphasized the outfit's eclectic nature, leaving room for speculation - is Julia Fox portraying a beach or mountain vibe? It's certainly far from the ethos of an independent cinema festival.

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