NewsAmerican rocket launchers aid Ukraine. Astonishing footage reveals HIMARS in action

American rocket launchers aid Ukraine. Astonishing footage reveals HIMARS in action

"Extraordinary footage of HIMARS at work"
"Extraordinary footage of HIMARS at work"
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7:56 AM EST, December 28, 2023

A recording of the HIMARS in action was shared by "Stirlitz", a Ukrainian army officer named Anatoliy Sztefan. Since the war's commencement, this soldier has consistently posted firsthand materials straight from the front lines.

In his latest post, he showcased a recording of the operation of the American high-mobility artillery rocket system. The footage shows numerous rockets raining down on the enemy line.

The video is simultaneously awe-inspiring and chilling. For Ukrainians, it symbolizes their battle for freedom and their effort to free their land from Russian occupation.

"These are rays of kindness!" - wrote "Stirlitz" as a caption to the video he shared on Twitter.

What should be known about the HIMARS system?

With its immense destructive power, HIMARS is a very potent rocket system. The system has posed a significant threat to the Russians, and efforts have been made on their end to destroy the launchers. The current version of the system has been in production since 2003.

HIMARS launchers can utilize assorted missile types, which have a range (based on the version) of approximately 43 to even 186 miles. They are known for precision, and the mobility of the launchers makes them hard to eliminate effectively.

Since 2022, the Ukrainian military had access to modern HIMARS after America provided extensive financial and military assistance to the fighting soldiers from Kiev and other cities. The Ukrainians received a total of 12 HIMARS launchers.

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