TechAmerican M2 Bradley tanks: Ukraine's resilient weapon against Russian tanks

American M2 Bradley tanks: Ukraine's resilient weapon against Russian tanks

M2A2 Bradley rolling over a mine
M2A2 Bradley rolling over a mine
Images source: © X | OSINT Technical
10:45 AM EST, February 6, 2024

Decimating the Russian army's most potent tank, the T-90M using a Bradley is one of many triumphs the U.S. machine can claim. Previously lauded by Ukrainians, the combat vehicle has repeatedly proven its versatility on the front line.

In a past engagement, the M2A2 Bradley fended off a T-72 tank, which only posed a marginal threat to the American machine. Earlier, the vehicle weathered an attack from a BM-32 Grad launcher unscathed. A missile struck the Bradley, igniting a fire, but the fire suppression systems saved the crew and prevented the machine from burning.

In the latest footage, the American combat vehicle showcases its resilience under explosive impact. In the video, the Bradley drives over a mine, which detonates forcefully without significantly affecting the vehicle. Unfazed by the explosion, the vehicle continues firing at the enemy and assaulting enemy positions. After a while, however, it retreats to a safer location - potentially owing to damage to the vehicle's traction system and consequent movement constraints.

Yet again, the Bradley has proven invaluable in protecting Ukrainian lives. Mined areas are perilous for the defending army - especially for lightly armoured and unmodified vehicles such as the Bradley.

It's worth noting that the M2A2 Bradley is an American infantry fighting vehicle equipped with a 25 mm M242 Bushmaster cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun. This nearly 55,116 pound machine, developed in the 1970s, is distinguished by its armor made of composite layers of steel, aluminum, and advanced composites. The manufacturer has also incorporated an anti-spall lining in the Bradley, designed to safeguard the crew against explosive detonations, like the one witnessed in the footage from Avdiivka, Ukraine.

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