NewsAmerican doctor expresses concern over President Joe Biden's noticeable cognitive decline

American doctor expresses concern over President Joe Biden's noticeable cognitive decline

President of the United States Joe Biden
President of the United States Joe Biden
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10:57 AM EST, February 12, 2024

The claim that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, exhibits signs of age-related dementia was advanced by Dr. Marty Makari. He is a medical commentator on the Republican fronted Fox News and is also a surgeon and professor. Dr. Makari emphasizes that Biden's recent frequent mistakes and noticeable slowdown in speech, coupled with escalating memory problems, are cause for concern.

"We are witnessing a deterioration of cognitive functions. It's very noticeable when we compare his current condition to his state five years ago. It's genuinely saddening," Makari asserted. "While we can't decisively articulate it as a medical diagnosis at the moment, it's quite apparent even to a lawyer who virtually diagnosed age-related dementia in his report. This raises concerns," he added, referring to the report by special advisor Robert Hur.

On February 9, special legal adviser Robert Hur relayed that 81-year-old Joe Biden struggles with recalling certain aspects of his life and career. The description of Biden in a report on his handling of secret documentation was a "sympathetic, well-meaning older man with poor memory", according to Fox News.

The report detailed the noticeable decline in Joe Biden's memory. "He failed to recall the timeline of his tenure as Vice President, forgetting when his term concluded. He asked, 'Was it 2013 when I ceased being Vice President?'" was among the commentary in Hur's report.

"If he were a company CEO, people would hesitate to buy its stocks," Dr. Makari expressed this view regarding President Joe Biden's mental state. A recent NBC News poll revealed that three-quarters of the electorate are worried about the current leader's health status.

Fox News revealed that 76 percent of the respondents showed significant or moderate apprehensions that Joe Biden might not have the essential mental and physical abilities to thrive in his next term.

Source: Fox News

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